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Companies Acts – Company Law

The Company Acts are the international laws private companies limited by shares are regulated by.

Its purpose is to separate the legal identity of the Company from the personal identity of its shareholders, by the creation of a separate corporate and legal identity allowing the owners not to be personally liable for the liabilities of the Company.

The characteristics of the Limited Liability Company are:

  • Separate Legal Entity
  • Limited Liability
  • Perpetual Succession
  • Separate Property
  • Transferability of Shares
  • Capacity to sue and being sued
  • Separate Management
  • One Share – One Vote
Anguilla Companies Act – Chapter 65
Antigua and Barbuda International Business Corporation Act – Chapter 222
Australia Australia Corporation Act 2001
Bahamas Bahamas IBC Act 309
Belize The International Business Companies Act – Chapter 270
Bermuda Bermuda Companies Act 1981
BVI BVI Business Corporations Act
BVI Limited Partnership Act 2017
Canada Canada Business Corporations Act
Cayman Islands Companies Law 2010
Cook Islands International Companies Act 1981-82 Consolidation
Curaçao Dutch Civil Code
Cyprus The Companies Law – Chapter 113
Czech Republic Business Corporate Act
Denmark The Danish Companies Act
Estonia Commercial Code
Germany Gesetz betreffend die Gesellschaften mit beschränkter Haftung
Gibraltar Companies Act 2014
Guernsey Companies Guernsey Law 2008
Hong Kong Companies Ordinance
Isle of Man Companies Act 2006
Ireland Companies Act 2014
Jersey Jersey Companies Law 1991
Liberia Business Corporation Act Title 5
Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Company Law
Luxembourg Luxembourg Commercial Companies Act
Malaysia Offshore Companies Act 441
Malta Companies Act Chapter 386
Marshall Islands Associations Law 2010
Mauritius Companies Act 2001
New Zealand Companies Act 1993 No 105
Panama Panama Corporation Laws
Philippines Corporation Code
Romania Commercial Law no. 31
St Kitts & Nevis Nevis LLC Ordinance 2017
Nevis Business Corporation Ordinance 2017
St Kitts Companies Act 1996
Saint Vincent International Business Companies Act 2007
Seychelles International Business Companies Act 2016
Singapore Companies Act
South Africa Companies Act 71 of 2008
Spain Corporate Enterprises Act (Ley De Sociedades De Capital)
Trinidad & Tobago Companies Act
Turks and Caicos Companies Ordinance
UK Companies Act 2006 Chapter 46
Companies Act 2006 notes
Limited Liability Partnerships Act 2000 notes/
UAE Companies Law DIFC Law No: 2 of 2009
USA Model Business Corporation Act
USA – Delaware Delaware Limited Liability Company Act
USA – Florida Florida Revised Limited Liability Company Act
USA – Nevada Nevada Private Corporations 78
USA – Wyoming Wyoming Limited Liability Company Act
Vanuatu International Companies Act Chapter 222
Memorandum / Articles / Statutes
UK Model Articles for Private Limited Company
Model Articles for Public Limited Company
Model Articles for Company Limited by Guarantee
Vanuatu Vanuatu Model Constitution